Falling in loveWelcome to bLUVd where we provide tips and resources for  helping us all to get more out of our relationships.

Whether it is women seeking to understand men or men seeking to  understand women.

We have to accept that men and women are different and this is  all the more apparent when it comes to dealing with affairs of  the heart.

Men and women both get into relationships and fall in love for  different reasons (sometimes what you both want will be the  same but this is not always the case).

Similarly, when those relationships fall apart, when marriages  breakup and relationships crumble, men and women may have their  own different reasons for wanting to split up.

Dealing with divorce and the breakup of a relationship is a  long and painful journey. We’re hoping that we can offer some  guidance on the best way to get over a breakup and to move on.

how long will this relationship last?

Of course, for some of us, we might have come to the decision  that our relationship was too precious to give up on and we  want to get back with our ex.

Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic but are always falling in love  with the wrong person and end up with lots of relationships  that seem ultimately unsatisfying – what do you do next?

One way forward might be to work out exactly what it is that  you are looking for in a relationship. Do you know which  qualities are the most important to you when looking for a  potential date?

Are you into the money and good looks or do values such as  responsibility and humor top your list of must-have’s when  looking for a mate?
relationships that last
Whatever stage you are at right now, perhaps you are unsure of  online dating websites and how safe and helpful they are, maybe  you have speed dating nights in your local area but are unsure  of whether you should go – we have some useful information that  might help you to decide.