reasons for divorce

Divorce is the last thing that many couples have on their minds as they take their wedding vows.

Yet, unfortunately, the rise in divorce is staggering and unfortunately divorce is quite common these days, compared to say in back in the 1950s.

Dealing with divorce can be an extremely painful experience for the husband and wife involved, not to mention the children and extended families and friends get pulled into the conflict at some point too.

The reasons for divorce are as varied as the reasons for wanting to get married.

Infidelity, falling out of love, feeling unsupported and unwanted, growing apart, not having the same interests anymore all can be contributory factors for divorce.

Times have also changed so much during the last fifty years as well which means that our attitudes towards marriage and divorce have shifted.

No longer do we think that marriage is for ever and that it is better to stay married than to face life after divorce.

Nowadays, women are capable of being as educated, if not more so than men and can command similar careers and salaries as their male counterparts.

Hence, women don’t have to rely on men for money.

They are equal and expect the roles within a marriage to be equal.

If things become too rocky in a marriage, women no longer need to stay within an unhappy marriage in order to survive. They can fend for themselves and so divorce seems like the only way out.

How to avoid divorce is not an option because we want to avoid pain and if marriage is painful then divorce must be the answer – surely?

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