causes of divorce

There are many causes of divorce, the main ones are:

- partner had an affair
- falling out of love
- growing apart

Whatever the cause of divorce, ultimately the reason people  divorce is because they are unhappy with their marriage.
The unhappiness has been caused by any of the situations  above and now one or both of you want out of the marriage.

Definition of No Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce laws came into effect in the United States and  was taken up by many states after the 1970s and early 1980s.

As early as 1953, Oklahoma was the first state to pass the  countries first law for removing the need to “find fault” in a case  of divorce.

Basically, in order to get a divorce before the no-fault divorce  laws came into effect, meant that you had to prove that one  spouse was to blame, in that they had committed fraud or done  something wrong which had resulted in the marriage breaking  down.

The judge needed to establish the grounds for divorce such as  adultery, physical or emotional abuse, insanity and so forth.

Therefore a married couple who wanted to divorce were  subjected to going to court and having to air their problems and  grievances in a court of law. Basically, the each side would try  to prove that the other was at fault.

As you can imagine, this often made for an acrimonious divorce  and bought feelings of shame, guilt, blame, embarrassment and  anger with them, causing more damage to an already fragile  marriage.

No-Fault Divorce Makes Divorce Easy

In effect “no fault divorce” kind of made it easier for a married  couple to divorce because it enabled them to dissolve their  marriage easily without having to provide any evidence of a  fault.

A simple reason such as “irreconcilable differences” between  husband and wife is enough to grant you a divorce and each  party gets half of the assets.

Whilst all other states have adopted no-fault divorce, at present  New York is the only state that has not taken up the strict  no-fault divorce laws.

Many people feel that the no-fault divorce laws make divorce  easier thereby making it easier for many couples to leave when  the marriage goes through difficult times, as many marriages do.

Instead of fighting to save your marriage, the no-fault divorce  law means it is far easier to just walk away.

Online Divorce Papers

In fact, as a country it seems that we are doing everything we  can to make divorce the easy option when a marriage is in crisis.

There are websites where you can download online divorce  papers and do it yourself divorce kits which are guides to help  make filing for divorce easier.

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