After divorce dating

If you are a divorcee, there will come a time when you feel that you will be ready for dating after divorce.

Thoughts of getting back into the dating game and looking for new partners, whether for fun and frivolity or looking for something a bit more long-term, you’ll still get nervous thinking about meeting someone new and all that this brings.

Surviving Divorce and Getting Back Into Dating

First things first, never get into the dating game until your divorce is well and truly complete.  For your own emotional stability and peace of mind, its better to complete and get your divorce out of the way before you even put your mind to getting back into dating again.

You don’t want to mix the two and want to stay up all night worrying about after dating divorce advice when you have just come back from a date.

Once you have gone through the process of surviving divorce, you can begin to reclaim your life again and start to move forward.

Never Rush Into Dating After Divorce

Many people don’t actually feel the urge to meet new partners once they have been through the painful process of divorce.
However, there are some who might feel differently, perhaps if your divorce was due to your spouse committing adultery,  you might find yourself eager to meet someone new.

You might find yourself being attracted to partners who resemble your ex in some way.

Be careful that you are aware of this and note that you might  unconsciously seek out someone who reminds you of your partner, maybe their physical appearance and mannerisms.

It’s not wrong to fall for someone who looks like your ex but just be aware that you might unconsciously be trying to think of your new date as your ex partner.

Divorced Singles Dating Don’t

As a divorced single who is dating again, here are some things you don’t want to do:

  • don’t talk about your ex too much
  • don’t talk about the divorce (especially if it was acrimonious), you don’t want to come across as bitter and full of revenge
  • don’t make reference to your ex (for example do not make statements like “my ex-wife used to have the same sense of humor”
  • don’t talk too much about your children (if you have them)
  • don’t rush into a rebound relationship, take things slowly

Your new date is just that: a new date.  She or he has been attracted enough to your dating profile to want to meet up with you, so don’t sit there and be “A Divorced Single”.  Meaning you don’t have to talk about or justify or go on about your past.

Your new date wants to go on a fun date – so talk about things of interest to you both. Don’t bring your luggage to the table!

Divorced Singles Dating Do’s

  • do make an effort to look good, smell good, have your hair done or do something that will give you that little bit extra confidence
  • do try to have fun and laugh as much as possible
  • do answer any questions your date might have about your ex (don’t clam up or get bitter, just be truthful but keep it brief)
  • be attentive and try to have some fun


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