fear of being single

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.  There are around 59.9 million women in the United  States who are single.

In fact, the New York times has reported that for the first time in history of the  US we now have the situation where there are more women living without a  husband than with one.

This problem is not confined to the United States alone and this pattern is  emerging all over the world.

The sad thing is, whilst many women choose not to marry or to live with their  partner, there are still many more women who would like to settle down and get  married.

Finding a wonderful man to date and fall in love with is one thing.

Getting your man to commit and want to marry you is quite another.

It seems that the most common problem facing most women is that their  relationship is running along smoothly and then there will come a point, maybe  months down the line, maybe years, when all of a sudden your man will get cold  feet.

And the relationship can come to an abrupt end.

If this has happened to you, you might be able to link it to something that has  recently happened or been said between you both.

Because ultimately, men who feel that their relationship is going faster than they  can handle, or men who feel that they are being pressured into something (a  commitment, a discussion about marriage and children perhaps), will pull away and  go cold on you.

Leaving you wondering “what just happened here?”

When a relationship ends this way, it can be a very painful and awkward end to  what may have been a fantastic relationship.

But because men aren’t very good at opening up and discussing these things, or  explain how and why they feel pressured at the very mention of “settling down” or  “marriage and babies”, their partners often have no idea why their man has gone  cold all of a sudden.

A woman who falls in love with a man and realizes that he is “the one” will find her  main problem is to get a man to commit and share a future together.

But, because her man is so reticent to talk about any future commitment  (because he feels he is being forced into something), a woman comes across as  being a manipulative and pushy temptress.  Or witch.

From a woman’s point of view this is a terrible situation.

She loves him, she feels he loves her. She really believes they have a great thing  going and she wants to spend her life with him.
engaged and getting married!
He’s not yet ready.  So does she try to grab onto him for dear life?

Or does she just let him walk away and our of her life?

If you’ve been with a guy for a number of years and he now decides he can’t  handle commitment, can you imagine the agony you will go through?

Not only have you “wasted” precious years, but your biological clock is ticking  away.

Men do not realize this at all. They don’t have a clock and they don’t have to  worry about getting too old.

Women have a ticking clock problem to think of all the time.

If you’re haven’t yet found your soul mate then your main worry is that you will  never find “the one” whilst you are still in your youth.

On the other hand, if you have found your man, your “time investment in him” is  extremely precious to you.  Therefore, once you have found the right man, your  number one thought will be to hold onto him for as long as you can and forever.

But in trying to hold onto him, you only serve push him away.

He thinks you are scheming and manipulative as you give him one ultimatum after  another.

You don’t really want to drag him to the altar kicking and screaming do you?

But you can’t bear to lose him either.

What do you do?

You’re really looking for a way to getting him back, right?

You want to get married, at some stage, right?

Whether you are looking for Mr Right, or you might already be with Mr Right, your  problem is that HE is scared to BECOME Mr Right.

There is a product that can actually help you to understand what is going on and  why your man is pulling away.

It will help you to gain a better insight into his fears and worries.

More importantly, it will help you to help him realize why being with you is the  best thing he could ever do!

Take a look at this system now and decide for yourself if this can help you go from “Hello” to “I Do” as fast as is womanly possible.

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