unhealthy relationships can be stressful

Do you find yourself constantly in relationships that go nowhere?

Are you always having problems with your relationships?
Do you find yourself mostly attracted to toxic men?

Do you find that you spend months, if not years, happily in love and in a  great relationship with a man only to discover, much to your shock and  despair, that your man was not really in love with you?

Do you find that once you give in to the chase of being pursued by a  man and start to form a relationship, that he becomes “distant” all of a  sudden?

Are you holding on dearly to a man you love very much but for him, he’s  not sure that you are “the one”?

If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are many women who have experienced, and will continue to  experience this type of relationship.

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And all the while you will be wondering what is wrong with you?

Why can you get him to want you and love you?

You’re doing everything right, you’re being sexy, smart, lovable but it’s  no use…….he doesn’t seem to feel the same way about you.

Have The Relationship You Want Ebook

how to get him to fall in love with you


It doesn’t have to be this way at all.

And it’s high time you started finding a solution to this.

Luckily Have The Relationship You Want ebook is not full of filler or fluff.
Once you have read it (you might want to read it again) – but you will  be armed with actionable ideas that you can carry out.

This books offer sound and practical relationship advice for women.

You will get logical, step-by-step tools that will enable you to make a  few shifts in the language you used and in your body language which  are targeted at getting your man to reconnect with you in an  affectionate way, giving you more attention and showering you with  feelings of love and adoration which you so deserve.

You will learn how to make him want you as well as how to have the relationship you want.

Inside this book, you will learn the following:

  • 5 keys to creating a wonderful relationship, stronger and more bonded  relationship
  • how to use your natural feminine energy to create more attraction and  desire in your relationship
  • specific words and language to use when speaking with a man, to  ensure that he will pay attention to you
  • discovering what men really want out of a relationship
  • getting a man to commit
  • how to recognize the signs that he is thinking of leaving
  • how to eliminate the conflicts in your relationship
  • how to make him fall in love with you
  • what men want in women

Have The Relationship You Want is a fabulous ebook that can really help  women who are struggling to get healthy relationships from their love  lives.

It is written by Rori Raye, a trained relationship coach and a former  crisis counselor who now has a private practice where she helps women  to turn the relationship problems around.

So the ebook is written by someone who is properly trained and actually  works in the area of relationship problems. It is over 150 pages long and  packed with relationship tips for women that will enable you to:

  • see the common mistakes you might be making, as a woman, in your approach to relationships,
  • gain an insight into what men want and what drives them away
  • control your negative thoughts and feelings
  • learn how to build confidence
  • learn how to improve self esteem
  • how to get a man to commit

amongst many other useful gems and pieces of advice that Rori herself  used to resolve her marriage problems.

This is what is really appealing, especially for women who are looking for  the answers to their relationship problems: Rori’s own personal story  was not filled with happiness.

Having attracted the losers and types of men who could not commit,  Rori found she had little self-esteem and was constantly in and out of  relationships.

Learning from parenting books and magazines, however, Rori slowly  started applying the tips she read up on and found that little by little,  these things started to help.  Her relationships slowly changed and now  started to become more meaningful, filled with affection and a fun and  easy companionship. She has now been married for over 20 years to a  wonderful husband.

Applying what she has learned and using it to help other women to  transform and fix their own unhappy or broken relationships, Rori wrote a  book that gone on to help thousands of women.

Free 7 Day Trial

Have The Relationship You Want - free trial

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Bonus Interviews With Relationship Coaches

When you order Rori Raye’s book, you also get a special one-time bonus  which is a free audio CD from her “Interviews With Relationship Experts”.
This is a monthly interview series and offers an insight into some useful  and highly informative interviews that are carried out by relationship  coaches and experts.

This means that once you have managed to get your relationship to be  one that is loving and meaningful, you can take it to newer levels by  applying what you learn from these relationship coaches.

Please note that you do not have to subscribe to these monthly  interviews – in fact, if you want them, you’ll need to select the “Yes!”  checkbox otherwise you won’t get them. If you do subscribe, there is a  charge of $19.97 per month for the monthly CD.

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