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The guide to a happy marriage is not a one-page list of 10 items. Instead, it would be (and probably is) a big book with lots of marriage advice for both men and women.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment, at least, it is for many.

There are far too many tips for a healthy marriage to brush upon lightly here but we do cover pre marriage counseling tips and advice on how to save your marriage elsewhere on this site.

Before a man and a woman both take on their marriage vows, they should have discussed their common goals and expectations for that marriage.

For this is the number one reason why many marriages get off to a rocky start.  You both have different expectations and you both bring these different expectations to the marriage, each believing the other to share the same goals.  This can lead to marriage problems later on.

It is only when the rows start and arguments fester, that you both realize you have different goals and hence you end up with a marriage in crisis.

Taking the time to go through and evaluate your long-term goals such as having children, where to buy your family home, which area to live in is as important as deciding the day to day things which make up so much of our lives. Things such as having clear delegation of duties when it comes to doing household chores, looking after the lawn and vehicles, budgeting, watching your income and expenses, investing, planning trips away and so on.

This is the stuff of which day to day lives are made and these are the very things that most couples who head down the aisle expecting wedded bliss forever do not spend enough time giving thought to.

If couples spent as much time thinking of their expectations and hopes for their married life together as they do on planning for the wedding day, they would be better equipped to handle the obstacles which always come later on in married life.

In fact, seeking the guidance from a marriage counselor when you need some marriage help, is not a bad thing. It can help deal with minor problems and set you on the path to communicating effectively, compromising (if this is needed) and helping you as a couple to face and resolve problems together as a team. Unfortunately, too many couples seem to require marriage help when things get badly out of hand and wanting to know how to save your marriage becomes vital.

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