Happy Marriage Tips

If you want a list of happy marriage tips to see if your marriage is on the right-track, here are a few pointers which serve as quick and easy to read advice for a healthy marriage.

These are pointers for the husband to bear in mind also not just marriage advice for women only:

  • marriage is another word for teamwork
  • effective communication is the core, never assume anything
  • trust is vital, without trust you are building your marriage on very rocky ground
  • sprinkle your days and life with fun and laughter
  • remember that every time you hit a downturn, the only way you will go is up
  • never stop talking to one another
  • never go to bed at night angry
  • share the housework and share the bills
  • listen, actually, really listen when your spouse talks
  •  if you disagree on something, do so amicably
  •  your fights and arguments should not be a public display
  •  never let your anger fester, let it out before the day is over
  •  learn to apologize, even if you are wrong
  •  take care of your finances
  • keep date nights going throughout your marriage
  •  try to take at least one break a year as a couple (leave the kids with grandparents)

There is so much advice on marriage but we feel that the concise pointers above pretty much sum up what makes for a strong foundation to a good marriage.

If you bear this information in mind, you won’t find yourself looking for save marriage tips later on.

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