Saving Your Marriage

Starting your marriage on a strong foundation with you both working as part of a  winning team is a surefire way of ensuring that you never reach the stage where you  have to ask yourself how to save your marriage. For by then, it might be too late.

Marriage is the union of two people which means that ultimately, you each have a set of skills and personality traits that you can bring to the union. It also means that  you can learn from one another and grow, as a team unit should, strengthening your  ties and your bonds.

Too many people approach marriage thinking it is easy, believing that love is effortless and that everything will be fine as long as you both love one another.

While romance is nice and love is definitely a pre-requisite for a good marriage, you still have to decide who cleans the toilets and who is going to take out the garbage.

Which of you two is going to do the laundry and who is responsible for tending to the lawn?

Not such a romantic illusion now is it?

It gets harder, with so much more to do, when children come along.

If you don’t have boundaries in place and chores and duties divided, if you don’t take  time to sit back and reflect on your duties as a “winning team” if you don’t ever sit  and work out why something is not working, then figure out new ways of making it  work, you’ll find yourself wondering how to “save my marriage”.

Saving a marriage is the last resort, well, the one that comes before getting a  divorce. You don’t want to go there if you can avoid it.

That’s why, starting off your married life on the right foot and with a solid foundation  will be instrumental for helping you to deal with the ups and downs that you will  meet along the journey.

Having solid principles such as honesty, trust and good communication is  essential. Too many couples make the mistake of taking things for granted, or  assuming without actually taking the time to talk things through.

Marriage isn’t a bed of roses, things, life does get harder as the years go by. The  pressures of work, money, raising children, paying bills can strain leave even the  strongest of marriages. Don’t look for marriage tips when things are already bad, otherwise you will be in a desperate place, always looking for “save my marriage  today” advice.

There isn’t any.

Do you want to know the best way to save your marriage? Start out strong.
With strong values, strong communication, be willing to listen to each other, have  goals and plans in place for dealing with emergency problems, savings, college  fees, vacations, maintaining your car, mortgage and bills.

Plan your free time in advance. Make time for one another and the family as well as  friends.

Be well rounded in all things – but plan ahead.

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