Now that online dating has become so popular and mainstream, it seems that we  often forget about online etiquette and good old fashioned online dating advice.

After all, the internet is still just another medium for interacting with another person.

It is completely different from interacting with a person face to face and this can  lead to a whole heap of problems.

Online Dating Tips

Honesty is the best policy
Hidden behind a laptop screen and away from others, makes the internet a prime  place for being something you are not.
Its easy to post a photo of a glamorous and beautiful slim, young woman or the  image of a handsome man with a fit and toned body….but if you aren’t really like  this in real life, what do you think the other person is going to think if and when they  finally meet you?

Whether you believe it or not, people prefer honesty to downright lying and deceit.

If you lie about your age, your hair color, your eye color, your skin color, your  weight, your career …you’re being dishonest and  hiding from your true self. Nothing  good can come from that.

Of course, there are people who visit internet dating sites with the intention of never  meeting anyone face to face and for them the internet is just a place where they  can talk to people and pretend to be someone they are not.

The vast majority of people, however, do visit internet dating sites with the intention  of meeting a partner who shares their values and interests.

If you fall into the second category, then being honest will stand you in good stead.

If you are at ease with your body and your looks, your income and your career, you  will be more at ease in your communication and people who like your profile will like  the real you.

If there was ever a contender for one of the best online dating tips for men or  women, being honest would be number one in the list.

Be upfront
Tell people what it is you are looking for in a partner.
Don’t be polite or afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings. Remember, this is not like  meeting one person for a date at the local restaurant.

You are visiting a huge place full of people who are all looking for their particular  idea of a perfect partner.
It’s OK for you to say you like tall men, christian men, black men, or women who  like sports, women who are a certain size, women who like travelling.

With online dating, you can get all the “specifics” out of the way first. Declare  exactly what you are looking for – and you might be on your way to getting it.

Watch your language
Always remember that you are not talking to a person face to face and that what  you write or type out might not be received in the same tone as you sent it. Humor,  irony, wit and sarcasm tend not to translate over too well when they are written  down.

Watch what you type and say and mind your spelling and grammar.
Nothing puts potential partners off more than a profile that is full of bad spellings  and grammar. The same goes for any texts or email messages you send.

Give your best shot
The shot in this case refers to your profile image.
Remember that this is the gateway to YOU.

People are going to see your picture, read your profile and then decide whether or  not YOU are worth pursuing.

If you want to attract a good number of mates, your profile and image needs to  stand out. You’ll be up there with thousands of other people – so you need to stand  out.
Craft a well worded and funny, witty profile that spells out exactly what sort of a  person you are and what you are looking for in a mate.
And make sure you pick your best photo to go in the profile.

If you bear this online dating advice in mind when you are using any of the online  dating sites, you will find your online experience to be safer and more enjoyable and  hopefully it will lead to you find a great date too.

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