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Do you ever wonder why your man says one thing and does something else?

Or find yourself in an argument with him because either you or him  misinterpreted something that was said?

Are there times when you both hear, see or experience the same  thing but you each draw different conclusions from it?

Do you know why that is?

Because men and women don’t speak the same language.

The book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” tells an allegorical story of men and women, both from different planets,  experiencing lots of communication and emotional problems when  they forget that they are not the same species.

Of course we are the same species but that book describes very  well the different ways in which men and women communicate with  each other and why there are so many ways in which men and  women use different vocabulary, nuances, ways of being, to say the  same thing.

And this is precisely where the problem lies.

The message your boyfriend is trying to convey to you is not being  heard by you in the way that he intended.

We’re not talking here about the heavy, commitment and marriage conversations which are going to scare him.  This applies to normal, everyday conversations you both have.

The same thing applies if you’re trying to tell your boyfriend  something but he’s not quite “getting it”.  The problem could be in  the delivery of your message and the language you are using, not  the actual “contents” of the message.

Neither party has actually heard the message yet.

They’re too busy fighting what they perceive the message to be about, given the way it is delivered.

Confused yet?

It’s really all to do with the way our brains are wired. To put it in a  basic context.  We process information in different ways.

A man and a woman can be at the same event but when each   describes it to a third party, it will seem as though they were both  different events.

For example, let’s assume you both go to a party hosted by your  friends.

At the end of the night, you are on your way back and you discuss  the night’s events.  As a woman, you’ll have noticed what most (if  not all) the women were wearing, you’ll have comments to make  about makeup and hair, you’ll have things to say about the food and  the way people at the party behaved.

“Did you see xxx? Did you see what she was doing to xxx?” you’ll ask  your boyfriend.

And he’ll most likely reply “Nope, really? What happened?”

“You mean you didn’t see that?” you persist and carry on, “She had  a low-cut top and bright red lipstick and she was flirting with her ex!  How could you not see that!  She was standing right in front of you!”

Your boyfriend “Nah, I don’t remember that at all”.

Same thing when returning home from a day at work.

If you ask your boyfriend how his day went, he’ll probably reply, “It  was OK”.  Nothing more than that.  To him you see, it was “OK”.  It  was just another day at work, worthy of no specific event of  mention of anything.

Because, as far as he is concerned, nothing happened!

Ask a woman how her day at work went and she’ll tell you about  what she had for lunch, news/gossip about her work colleagues, who  she called on the phone, who texted her, who posted to her  Facebook wall……..

You get the drift.

Men and women interpret events and process them differently. And  therefore, when recounting things back to tell others (significant  others), there is a huge mismatch in the news that is being  reported.

Neither of them is wrong. They just process and communicate things  differently to each other.

And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can improve  communication in a relationship which will lead to a relationship  where you can stop and remember that he probably isn’t being  moody/uncommunicative/quiet/non-talkative, he’s just being “a  man”.

Realize this and you are a step closer to understanding men a little  better.

What Men Don’t Like

Unfortunately, the differences between the sexes play out far more  in the context of a relationship.

It’s odd to think that when a man and woman first meet and want to  get together, they’ll both spend time and effort on looking good so  that they are attractive to the other sex.  They spend time  together, going out, laughing at each other’s jokes, being playful,  being adventurous, trying new things.

Once they become an item, and get into a relationship that is a bit  more serious, they start to behave differently.

A woman will try to change a man.
She’ll become more vocal in the things she doesn’t like and she’ll let  him know that she does’t like them.

But men, they would just love their women to stay the same.

Men don’t like it when a women:

  • tries to change him
  • stops being the woman he started dating

And this happens A LOT.

Women will find flaws in their men and attempt to fix them. They’ll  look for areas where they feel there could be some “improvement”.  Like his dress sense or hairstyle, or his diet, “why don’t you eat more  fruit? It’s good for you?”

And a woman will also change, but her man won’t want her to.

This normally happens in a relationship that has moved on from the  initial courting/dating stage to something more fixed.  A woman will  reach a point in a relationship where she feels she no longer has to dress up.

All those sexy dresses and clothes she wore when she was in the  “attracting a man” phase, the sexy lingerie are all gone. So is her  sense of adventure.

Where before she might have spent the weekends with you going  out and having lots of sex, now that the relationship is more  established, she feels she no longer has to do any of this. After all,  she’s “got” her man.

So she wears comfortable lounge wear at home, no more of the  frilly, lacy underwear and she’d rather spend the weekend watching a film.

And the man is left wondering “what just happened?”

What Men Like

Men still want the woman in their life to look good. They want the  you to be the same girl they started dating. Which means, they  want you in those sexy tops and dresses wearing that lacy lingerie  underneath.

They want to carry on having as much sex with you as they did  when you first started dating.

They want you to carry on being the girl you were in the early days of the relationship.

What they especially DON’T want is for you to keep nagging them about things they don’t like about you and want you to change.

Now, there is no right or wrong in this.  Overtime, your relationship WILL have to change as you decide whether to split up or carry on.  And if you carry on, will you settle down, get married and have
children? All of which brings a lot of responsibility and pressure to a  relationship.

So, whilst men may not want things to change, inevitably, things in  the relationship will have to change.

But you don’t have to keep nagging him and hurting him by trying to  constantly change him or improve him. After all, he was good enough  for you when you first met. You liked what you saw then.  So why  change him.

Unless of course, you’ve discovered he has some horrid habits that  need to be curbed, such as cutting his toe nails and letting them fly all over the place. Yuk!

And there is that certain leaving the toilet seat up or down business that you’ll no doubt argue about.

But, knowing why men behave the way they do and decoding the way they think especially when it comes to processing and communication information, can be really helpful for a woman to  understand.

And in the end, understanding men, especially in relationship, can be the difference between a good relationship and a bad one.

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Have you been getting that nagging or uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach about your boyfriend? It might be your subconscious trying to alert you to the fact that something is not quite right in your relationship.

Women rarely ever wake up one day and wonder “is my boyfriend cheating?”

Rather, it will be a slow process, a feeling, perhaps something that he says, the way he starts to behave towards you, that you can sense. You might not  be able to put a finger on it but just know things in your relationship are slightly off center.

Women are very good at using their intuition to smell out a situation.

If you are in this position now, you might find yourself watching your boyfriend with hawk eyes.
You might ask him a questions and then check his reaction to them. Without  knowing it, you’ll be scanning his face, listening to the timbre of his voice, reading his body language in order to see if there is anything out of sync with what he is saying and how his body is reacting.

You’ll want to know whether he has lots of unexplained absences or reasons why he was late or missed a dinner date or movie with you.  He doesn’t seem to be the same person that you met and fell in love with anymore.

The way your boyfriend reacts to this subtle but new line of questioning from you will give you some feedback as to whether you were wrong or whether he is definitely up to something.

You Need Evidence That He Is Cheating

The problem with having a vague, intangible gut feeling is that you don’t have any concrete evidence that will tell you whether you have a cheating  boyfriend.

You could try the direct approach and ask him straight out if he is seeing someone else but he might not give you an honest answer!

In fact, this might make him realize that you know something is not right and  you’re now on his case fishing around for more information.

And it is most likely that he’ll go on the defensive by accusing YOU of being suspicious or he might cool off his affair (if he is seeing someone) and give you more time and attention just to throw you off the scent.

What you really need to do is to catch your boyfriend cheating.

You need hard evidence that he is doing something he should not be doing.

Unfortunately, this requires you to turn into a bit of a snoop and to go through  his personal possessions.

Just imagine yourself to be a private detective for a while with a mission to prove whether you are wrong or to confirm that he is lying to you and this might make you feel a little better about what you are doing.

The truth is you have no option.

You either take what he says and make yourself believe that he isn’t seeing anyone else and carry on with your life.

But realize that you might get that little doubting voice or feeling again that something is wrong a few months down the line.

So, as much as you would like to not believe the bad stuff, you owe it to yourself to get to the bottom of it.

After all, if he is cheating on you, it’s better you find out as soon as possible.  There is simply no point in investing more time in a man who is not worthy of your love and affection.

What Are You Looking For?

There is no particular order to this list, just feel free to go through it in a manner that feels easiest for you:

His Phone
The beauty of modern technology is that nearly everyone in the developed world has access to a mobile phone and will use it as their primary mode of contact with other people. Whether they are calling to speak to someone or texting, or sending images and video clips, it’s all done by a mobile phone.

Which means that you can so easily find out a LOT of information from one device.

Of course, you’re going to have to find a way to get your hands on his phone (when he is sleepin or taking a shower) and then you can check his dialed calls, missed calls and received calls.

You can also check his text messages, messages he has sent and past text messages  received.

You can look through his images gallery on his phone to find out if he has taken any photos of places and people and events that you have no knowledge of.

All of this can be easily done by using cell phone spy programs or phone tracking software which secretly collect information from cell phones.

You can buy this software yourself and install it on your boyfriend’s phone. It’s  very easy enough to do.

All the information about texts and phone calls, names and numbers of people  that he has called, text messages received and sent, all of this information is posted to a website which is accessible ONLY BY YOU. You’ll get a secret  password which is needed and that only you (or whoever buys the software)  will have.

This means you only need to get the phone from your boyfriend once, for a  short while, in order to install the cell phone spy software.

Once you’ve done this he won’t know its installed at all.

And you’ll be able to access all the information YOU NEED in order to determine  whether he is cheating on you or not.

His Email & Social Accounts
With the internet playing such a huge part in all our lives and especially in the  way we communicate with each other, it should come as no surprise that  communicating via email or social accounts such as Facebook is another way  for cheating boyfriends to stay in touch with their other women.

If you have access to his accounts, you might want to log on to his profile and  have a good hunt around his email and Facebook or Myspace accounts.  See if  you can find anything in there that would support your feeling that he has lied  to you.

His Personal Possessions & Clothes
Going through his trouser, shirt and jacket pockets might give you receipts or  tickets of places he has been to.  If you find a ticket to movie and you didn’t  go and see that with him…’ll want to know where that ticket came from.

Similarly, if you can get access to his wallet where he’ll probably have most of  his receipts, you’ll be able to find out if he has been out wining and dining  without you or visited any places without you.
Receipts have dates and timestamps on them which mean that you can  pinpoint him down to a particular place at a certain time.  This will help you to  determine whether he is hiding information from you.

Clothes are also great for finding those tell-tale lipstick signs or smelling  fragrances from a perfume that you don’t use!

These were just a few ideas that you can implement straightaway and without  the cost of hiring a private investigator to follow your boyfriend around.

You can start things off by trawling through his wallet and clothes for tell-tale  signs but to get concrete evidence easily, you might want to consider using a  cell phone spy program to spy on your boyfriend’s phone and get real proof of  the calls and text messages made from or received on his phone.

In all this, remember there might be a logical explanation for his recent odd  behavior and there might be a perfectly valid reason why he hasn’t told you  the truth. You’ll now be armed with proper facts and figures and you can go  through and see what his reactions are.

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Dating is supposed to be fun but what is your motivating factor  when you’re looking to meet the “right guy”?

Are you after some fun and friendship with a bit of frolicking thrown  in? Or are you hoping to test the waters and see if the could be  “the one” for you?

Come to think of it, what is your definition of “the right one”?

Is it someone who shares the same interests and hobbies as you  and just wants to enjoy life without too much commitment?

Or is it someone who shares your plans for the future and wants to  have a family and settle down at some point?

Your angle, when it comes to dating, looking for true love and  wanting to find your soul mate, depends largely on your age and  what stage you’re at in your life.

As a recent grad fresh out of college, you’re more likely to be  interested in your career and just enjoying life. You want to earn  money, get that promotion, be able to eat at nice restaurants, buy  nice clothes and possessions, travel and meet interesting people.

If you’re in your thirties and forties, chances are you’ve probably  achieved a good level of success with your career. You are now  more financially stable and find yourself thinking more about having  a serious relationship with the end aim of getting married and  settling down.

With men, however, its different. The way their mechanism is wired  is to spread their seed.  This might not be very politically correct  but that’s how men are.

They want variety and in “their” ideal world they would prefer to  have sex with lots of different women.

For women, the situation is quite different.

We have an inbuilt mechanism for wanting to settle or “mate” with  one guy, producing offspring and nurturing them.

So ideally, we want to stick to the same mate, provided he ticks all  of our boxes (must be good-looking, sexy, successful etc). We  aren’t really built to “stray”.

We’d like to meet “the one guy”, fall in love, have a great serious  relationship that brings with it with respect, commitment and  loyalty.  And then we live happily ever after.

Whilst we might not think about this until we’re in our 30s or 40s, it  seems we spend a lot of time, dating and meeting different people,  in order to get to that point where we feel we have at last found  the right guy with whom we can share our lifelong dreams and  watch sunsets as we both grow old together.

So why then does finding love, commitment and having a serious  relationship seem to be such an elusive goal for so many women?

There are many reasons for this:

  • falling for the wrong guy
  • not knowing exactly what qualities you seek in a partner
  • settling for what you get
  • looking for men in the wrong places
  • rushing into a relationship because of your biological clock, fear  of being single, and so on
  • meeting nice guys but messing up early on and hence never  getting to the committed relationship stage

Obviously there are many more reasons but these tend to be the main ones.

Falling For The Wrong Guy
With hindsight, and especially when a relationship doesn’t go the  way we hoped, it’s often easier to place the blame on the guy. Of  course, if he cheated on you or was violent or abusive towards  you, then the problem clearly lies with him.

But man women do end up investing a lot of time and energy in a  relationship with a guy who clearly is not suited to them. This really  leads stems from not knowing exactly what qualities you seek in a  partner.

But usually it ends up being things like “we grew apart”, or “we  didn’t have anything in common.
Finding the right guy means finding someone who shares your values and goals and doesn’t only tick your boxes of “handsome” and “sexy”.  Getting the right guy and holding on to him requires some work on your part too.

If you take the time to list the qualities you are seeking in a  partner, you increase your chances of homing in on those types of  guys.  So if you meet a loud-mouthed, sporty, super-confident guy  in a bar, and he is not the “your type”, you’ll skip over him when  you see him at the bar since he won’t really appear on your radar.

Hence you will never make the mistake of dating him and perhaps  falling for him since you won’t allow that to happen.

If you don’t know what you are looking for or what you want, then  how will you know when you see it?

You won’t.

This is why so many women who have no idea of the character  traits they are looking for in partner, sometimes end up dating and  getting into a relationship with someone they should not.

Settling For What You Get
Unfortunately, there are women who settle for what they get even  when deep down inside they know this guy isn’t really the type of  guy they would normally date.

But if a woman has enough bad experiences and her biological clock is ticking, then meeting someone who is nice, polite and friendly for  a change and finding someone who is interested in a relationship,  might make you lower your guard sufficiently so that you consider going out with him.

Your girlfriends will wonder what you’re doing and may even try to tell you that you can do better, but your blinkers have  focused on  him being “good material” that you can’t see the other factors  where he is falling short.

Rushing Into Things Because You Feel The Clock Ticking
This point is closely interlinked with the “settling for what you get”.
There are women, who at the age of 40 or 44, fear they are not  going to meet the type of guy they really want to be with, but  because they fear their days for having children might be  numbered, they are prone to settling down with whichever decent  guy they’ll meet because they so badly want to have children  whilst they can.

The raw passion and attraction might not be there, but that’s OK.  Right now they’re thinking more about their ability to have children  than about what a future with a guy who is incompatible.

Looking In The Wrong Places
Making sure that you look for like minded partners in the places  where you know these types of guys would flock to.  Nice single guys frequent lots of places, you just have to know where to look for them.

This is a KEY component of ensuring  that you have achieve maximum success when it comes to finding  someone who shares your hobbies and interests.

If you like fine wine and food, you’re going to increase your  chances of meeting someone like this if you attend, say, a local  wine-tasting group.

You stand more chance of meeting some here than if you went to a  bar with your girlfriends on a Friday night.

Sure, with luck you might find someone there too……but at the  wine-tasting club you’re increasing your chances of meeting “more like-minded” guys. There are likely to be more fish in that pond.

Messing Up With Dating & Never Getting To Serious Relationship Stage
Most women never move past the dating period and cross the  bridge to having a serious relationship. Consequently, they never  go down the path to getting engaged, getting married, settling  down and starting a family.

Even though the guy might have been the right one for them.

They just didn’t realize it at the time and messed things up without  knowing that they were sabotaging the relationship.

First dates can be a daunting experience and its common to get so nervous that you are tongue-tied or to spend the whole evening  talking about yourself. This article on the do’s and don’t of dating for women might point you in the right direction.

More than this though, you have to know the sort of person you  are and what your values are first.  Because once you know THAT,  then determining what you are looking for in a partner, becomes  easier.

Which leads to the next point: knowing both things makes it easier for you to go to places where you are most likely to meet the type of guy who will have an interest in the types of things that you like.

Which means that when it come to dating, this makes knowing when you are going to bump into him and knowing what to talk about pretty redundant.

Which means you end up with a natural conversation that is stress-free and with no strings attached.

For example, going back to the earlier wine-tasting scenario.
Say you went to one of these events and you met a guy who  caught your eye.

You don’t have to wonder when or if he will call you again.
You don’t have to go on a first date and wonder what the  conversation will be like.
You don’t have to wonder what things he likes and whether you  have anything in common.

Because, for starters you both like wine-tasting.

So you know the chances are high that you will see him at the next  wine-tasting event.

Your conversation can start off with discussions of the last  wine-tasting event or anything to do with wine.

Since you are in a setting with other people, it will seem most  natural for you both to meet here.

If you both like each other, knowing that you have at least one  hobby or interest in common is enough to get you both going, at  least to start off with for a first date.

And by then, you’ll know enough about each other since you have  been meeting regularly at these events.

If you want to:

  • find a soul mate
  • find the love of your life
  • know how to make a man commit
  • make him want a relationship
  • learn how to keep a guy interested
  • really want to be getting serious in a relationship


Then you just have to:

  • know what you want
  • go to the right places
  • meet the right type of guy

You have to make it more of a conscious strategy and less of a hit-and-miss type of event.  If you are trying to find love, you can find out more about it from reading this excellent Girl Gets Ring system – click here for more details.

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Advice for Married Women

Where do you go to meet nice single men?

This is a hot topic amongst many women these days, especially if you’re worried that you might never get married.

At times it seems as though planet earth is devoid of all the nice single  men…of course, when we say “nice” we don’t really always mean that  exactly. Whilst we want a yes-man, someone who panders to us all the  time and makes us feel good but, er, ummm we also want a “nice” man  who has balls.

You know, someone who has “gumption”.

Someone who is handsome, successful, has drive, ambition, is ruthless when he needs to be, a leader, has vision and yet…….still has time for  US.

We want someone who can play “nice guy” but with an edge.

Does this make sense?  Women can relate to this, men won’t have a clue what we mean.

But ask any woman whether she is looking for Mr Nice Guy….and she’ll  say “yeess”, hesitantly and then go on to explain what she means by “nice“.

As if being “nice” implied a man who was sugar coated and sickly sweet.

We want it all.

Ever thought that a successful man, probably with his own business,  leading a company, extremely rich and so on might be full of money but  short on time….for you ……….and your kids if you’re planning on having any.

Trying to figure out what we want might be a bit difficult but we  definitely know what we DON’T want.

We don’t want a guy who cheats on us, for sure.

Remember though, if you’re fishing for a guy who is handsome, charming  and successful – everywhere you go most women are going to be drawn  to him.

Whether they smile at him as he walks past, or the waitress who lingers  too long at the table whilst she is serving your order, or your friends who can’t seem to drag themselves away from him whenever the two of you  are out with them.

With the whole handsome-charming-successful package comes a whole  lot of worry-jealousy-trouble……..FOR YOU.

Make sure you can deal with this ecause you’re going to have to put  up with it most days.

Which means you need to be a woman who feels totally confident in  herself, at ease with her looks and body. In short, you’re going to need to  be an exact match for your Mr Perfect. Kind of like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

These two are the epitome of what many would class as one of the most handsomecouples in the world. Brad is often considered to be one of most handsome men around and Angelina is no stranger to the beautiful woman lists being a beautiful and stunning woman herself.

They complement each other, looks wise, at least.

So whilst women might adore him, she knows she can put up with it  because she has as many men (and women) crazy about her.

Just something to think about.

So, our definition of a “nice guy” out of the way, let’s try to figure  out where these guys have gone to because they seem quite elusive to find.

Are You Fishing In The Right Pond?

Think of it like this, when you’re hungry and you go shopping for groceries  the WRONG thing to do would be to end up at the grocery store and you  just end up picking up everything because you’re hungry RIGHT NOW and  can’t think straight.

So you pick food that might satisfy your initial hunger pangs but  long-term this type of food isn’t going to be good for you: bars of  chocolates, candy, cakes, biscuits.

If you had PLANNED in advance the groceries you needed, you would  have made a list and you would have given some thought to meal  planning.  So perhaps you might have healthy fruits and vegetables on  your list of things to get.

So, even though you’re HUNGRY NOW, you’ve planned ahead and thought  of the long-term food you’re going to cook. You’ll end up with a satisfying  and nutritious meal that is good for you to eat.

Oh and the really important point that is almost taken for granted  here…when you need groceries, you’d go to the grocery store or  supermarket right? You wouldn’t go to a pet shop.

Looking for men is pretty similar to looking for food.

Firstly, you need to go fishing in a pond full of the type of fish you need.
Secondly, you need to have thought of what it is you want.

If you just walk into a bar with your friends, hoping to catch the eye of a  nice guy….chances are you haven’t really decided what you are looking  for.  You’re going to go on looks and first impressions.

So you meet a guy and get talking to him and then you find out what sort  of person he is.

Now compare that tactic to the following one:

You make a list of the TYPE of person you are looking for.

Make a list of his looks, what sort of education you’d like your man to have, hobbies and interests and anything else that is important to you. Perhaps religion, whether he wants want children and so on.

Now, if you’re looking for someone who is sporty and athletic because you are, then the right pool to go fishing in is to join an athletic or running  club near you.  If you have an appreciation for fine food and wine then  joining the local wine-tasting club would be a great idea.

Think of it, you’re going to a place where there are other like-minded  people.  People who share the same interests as you.  You’ve narrowed  down your pool and instead of trying to meet someone at a bar….you’ve increased your chances of meeting a sporty and athletic  guy because you’ve joined a running club.

It all comes down to your interests and what you are looking for.

Not many people would go to the trouble of listing out their ideal guy and  the traits they are looking for. Consequently, not many people go about  trying to find the right person in the right way.

If you want to know where to meet nice single men and how to meet a good guy, you might want to take a look at this system.

Don’t start worrying about things like “is he marriage material“? because you’ll get ahead of yourself.

Even if you are looking for good husband material you don’t want to send out signals that you are desperate to get a man to marry you.

First things first. Fish in the right pool in order to find the right type of  guy for you.

Someone who shares your interests, hobbies, values and goals.

This is a good start.

Don’t worry about how to make him your boyfriend just yet.
You don’t have to worry about the whole hit and miss dating stuff either  because you are meeting casually at a social setting.

You’re both there (at the wine-tasting event or running club) because  you have the same passion or interest for these hobbies.

So, unlike where you meet a guy at a bar, you don’t have to sit at home  wondering whether he will text you or call you or when you will see him  next.

Because you approached the whole process of how to find the right guy  from a different angle you’re going to see him regularly at these events.

There is no pressure because this isn’t a “date”.

You’ll get to know each other, you’ll have a common hobby to talk about  so conversation won’t be difficult or awkward.

So, things will start off naturally.

You’ll find you don’t need to do anything to make him your boyfriend.
Over time, if you both become attracted to each other, things will take  their natural course.

Of course, getting into a relationship with a guy is one thing, knowing how to get him to commit is another.

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When it comes to relationships, especially when the question of
commitment rears its head, you almost instinctively know that your guy isn’t going to take to it like a fish to water.

Now, this isn’t so much of a big deal when you are young and both of you are concentrating on your careers.

Life is good, you’re earning good money, meeting new friends, travelling, enjoying life.  All well and good.

But, as time goes on, as a woman you might find your priorities starting to shift.

Thoughts of settling down, getting married and possibly starting a family start to creep in.

For men, their fear of commitment can have a big impact on your

Because, as time goes by and he still doesn’t show any signs of wanting to establish a more permanent relationship, you hear the tick tick ticking sound of a clock somewhere deep inside you.

You’re Not Getting Any Younger

Women become conscious of the need to have children, if that is part of your plan, and this can happen in your twenties or thirties whilst for some women, its not until they turn forty that they realize they really do want to start a family.

Guys don’t see it the same way. This is because they don’t have an internal clock that tells them to hurry up and think about having children.

So what happens when you have thoughts of getting engaged and bring up the question of wanting some commitment in your relationship?

Your man pulls away.

You’ll sense him backing of in the relationship.

Maybe he’ll start becoming a bit distant, at first.

He’ll back off.

Which leaves you feeling even more nervous about your relationship.

You’ll start to wonder why you spent so much time in this relationship, if he was going to get cold feet at the first mention of commitment.

You might even start to panic as your clock ticking seems to become louder in the wake of your partner reacting not as you hoped.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t worry. It’s common.  This is exactly how many men and women would respond in this situation.

It’s not just you.

We can almost hear you heaving that huge sigh of relief :-)

Problems always seem so much lighter when you know that someone else has experienced the very same thing.

It’s comforting to know this happens…..A LOT.

So it must be even more good news to know that you can actually resolve this situation and, all things being equal, you might even end up with a man who realizes that he wants to commit to you after all.

Yes, you might even end up being the girl who gets the man and the ring too!

But in order to do that, you have to learn how to get him to commit first.

How can you do this without coming across as being pushy and demanding? The last thing you want to do is to give your guy ultimatums.

Is Marriage A Dying Institution?

The other thing that has impacted our lives and the way we meet people and start relationships is technology.

With the sudden explosion in social media and online dating, it appears that many people seem to prefer casual relationships over longer lasting relationships.

When it’s so easy to chat to someone who is in another country and to make friends all over the world, the thought of settling down with one guy or gal forever might seem boring and old-school in comparison.

“Friends with Benefits” is a term you hear more of these days…..there’s even a funny film starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis (you can find out more about it here).

You can satisfy your sexual needs and still live a young, free, single and uncomplicated life!  No commitment necessary.

But what if you want more? What if you want the whole meet-your-prince-and-live-happily-ever-after story?

Is that even possible in this day and age?

Can you go from finding the right guy, from knowing how to find your soul mate to becoming his girlfriend? Just how do you get him to fall in love with you?

And once you reach that stage do you know how to get him to love you more?

And once you become his girlfriend, do you know how to keep a guy?

It’s all well and good you being head over heels in love with him but how do you keep a guy interested in you?

More importantly, how do you move from being his girlfriend to becoming his fiancé?

You might be ready to get engaged but do you how to get him to propose?
Knowing how he shuns commitment, knowing how much he hates all talk of weddings and babies, how will you ever get him to propose?

How To Get Him To Commit

The solution is simple but learning to apply it requires you to delve deep into the minds of men in order to fully understand how they think and why they behave as they do.

Whether you are single and looking for love, or in a relationship but unable to move it forward to the next stage of commitment, whether that be getting engaged or getting married, living together or starting a family, there are certain strategies you can apply to increase your chances of keeping your man.

And you can do all of this without seeming overbearing or pushy.

In fact, your man won’t even realize you’re doing anything. He’ll think he made the decisions himself – which is just what you want.


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In this book you will discover:

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  • how to remove his fear of relationships
  • how to move from girlfriend to fiancé
  • how to give him the space to fall in love with you
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  • how to become the girl who gets the ring

If you’re worried about meeting your soul mate, if you fear you’ll never find him while you’re young, if you’ve met the right guy but he doesn’t want to commit, there is still hope.  It’s never too late.

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Dating Tips for Women

marriage advice for women

When getting married, you expect it to last forever. After all, you don’t go into a marriage thinking if it doesn’t work out this time you will try harder next time.

When it comes to giving love advice for women, this is simple to do because it involves a more one-sided approach. We can say don’t be too controlling, don’t be too possessive, don’t complain or moan too much and so forth.

Giving marriage advice for women requires thinking of the couple as a unit and advising from that view point.

By anyone’s viewpoint, a good marriage is one that includes a lot of fun, laughter, joy, happiness, deep communication, the ability to weather any storm, the ability to enjoy the good times and survive the tough times, caring, sharing and a lot of loving!

In a nutshell, that’s what a good marriage is – one where you can have the relationship you want with your life partner and grow old together.

A good marriage is one where the efforts of both husband and wife will produce a winning team that will enjoy all of the above.
If there was one crucial part to a good marriage – it would be TEAMWORK.

Being able to work as a team is the bedrock of a successful marriage.

The cracks in a marriage appear when the team no longer functions as one body and each goes and does their own thing.

And when women do not find comfort and support in their marrage, this is when you hear stories of married women having affairs. The team has disbanded and perhaps you feel unloved, not listened to, maybe you feel the housework or financial stress is not shared. You feel alone and no longer look to your husband for support, companionship or love.

Marriage Tips for Women

Some basic marriage advice for women (could also equally apply to men too):

Go to bed happy
Never fight and go to bed angry.
Whatever your argument was about, resolve to end it and make up before you go to sleep at night.

It is  little things such as these that go a long way to help save your relationship :
Too many couples stay angry and let this anger fester for days before coming out of it. Life is too short, don’t do it.

Don’t try to mould your husband
You must accept your husband for the man he is and if you don’t like him the way he is DON’T MARRY HIM!

Women are good at wanting to change things….it’s in our nature. We see an untidy book on a book shelf and we can’t help but straighten it.

If things go wrong with your marriage, don’t think of trying to change your husband  – the problem is most likely not his alone. Instead, look for how to fix your relationship and this can sometimes even mean taking a good look at yourself as well as understanding men in relationships.

Don’t go advertising your problems to all and sundry
The issues or problems you might currently be experiencing with your partner should be kept to you and your partner.
Never ever discuss private issues with your family, his family, friends or work colleagues. Most people will enjoy listening to the drama but no-one will offer you any concrete advice that can help. Try to work these things out on your own.

Remember what bought you two together
Most couples argue, and most couples in love argue most times – at times like this when you probably don’t want to see or hear your spouse’s voice or face, try to remember what it was that bought you two together in the first place.
Taking time out to focus on each other’s positive points might help bring you to a resolution sooner rather than later and is one way of how to get your man back.

You get out of marriage what you put in
You should both try to put in 100% (commitment, love, understanding and empathy).  Some days you might only feel like putting in 10% and then your husband will need to put in 90%. On days when he puts in 10%, make sure you put in 90%.

Make life goals regularly and review them
Marriage is a partnership that will hopefully bring in the next generation too. Make financial, relationship and family goals and review them regularly to see whether you met them or not.
Too many people go into marriage without any thought or planning. In fact, more people think more about buying a car than they do about their marriage goals.

Get marriage counseling before its too late
Invariably marriages go through peaks and troughs. The early days, before children and money pressures, are considered the good days. You’re stressed out, so you take a vacation.

Once children come along, and you have mortgage, you’re that much older and its that much harder. These middle years can be a very stressful time for many couples and most tend to fall out of love and divorce at around this time.

If you find yourself heading down this road, seek out marital counseling sooner rather than later, otherwise it might be too late to hold on to your marriage. The only road left after that is divorce and dating after divorce can bring its own set of problems too.

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why women have affairs

Ever wondered why women have affairs?

There are a plethora of reasons and not always the same reasons as why men have affairs.

Why Do Women Have Affairs?

There is no one reason as to why women have affairs.
It could be purely out of boredom, or women are looking for something that their husband can no longer give them, often women want an emotional attachment. For them, having an affair is less about the sexual gratification but more about the emotional gratification they get.

It depends to a large extent on what has happened to the marriage right now. Often, men can work longer at work or be away from the home for long periods of time.

A woman with children will find herself becoming a full-time parent looking after the children and running a home.

Finding someone who is actually interested enough to offer some adult conversation and make you laugh and feel sexy, wanted and interesting again, can sometimes be reason enough for a women to start having an affair.

Affairs with married men, dating younger men or older men – there is no set pattern as all women want is someone who will give them attention and will make them feel special.

Being lonely is often one of the top reasons why women choose to look outside of their marriage for some fulfillment.

They want to feel loved again, and wanted.

If your husband is away for weeks on end and the only mode of communication is a ten minute phone conversation each evening centered around the children, its no wonder that a man who is giving your wife much more than this soon becomes her lover.

Often, sex is not the primary factor that motivates women into having an illicit affair.

You are far less likely to find a woman who is happily married also having an affair.  Women having affairs will do so because they are unhappy with their marriage.

Men are different. When it comes to understanding men, realize that a man can be happily married and yet still have an affair, the reason is because they are more motivated by the sexual novelty of the situation.

Women  seek out connections and emotional attachments are much more important to them. This is one factor as to why women might have affairs.

That said, it also depends on your character and personality. Many women often toy with the idea of an affair and many have male work colleagues and friends that they might even flirt with but it stops at that.  There is no way some of these women would take this a step further, even if they were unhappily married.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons as to why women have affairs and you can never pinpoint it down to one or two reasons.

Suffice to say, that after the affair, there are always consequences and if you have children, your affair and what happens thereafter will affect them too, not just the relationship between you and your husband.

When it comes to breakup advice for women who are thinking of ending their affair – if you can work on your marriage and resolve the problems therein, its better you do that and end your affair.

If you need guy advice for women wanting to put their marriage right again, but are not getting the cooperation from your husband, you can seek out marriage therapists who can help you to open up the communication lines again so that you hopefully will be able to find a way of getting your husband to work on marriage counseling together with you.

In any case, don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you want to feel loved, appreciated and adored by the man in your life, you should be. You should and can have the relationship you want although it might require a time and effort on both your parts.


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Love Advice for Women

If you are a woman and looking to get back into the dating game, or dating after divorce perhaps, there are a few rules and relationship tips for women you need to be aware of in order to have fun as you play the dating game!

And remember, whether you an older woman dating younger men, or are speed dating for a night of fun, or taking dating seriously because you are looking for Mr Right, dating younger men or dating older men, there are rules that need to be adhered to:

Women Dating Tips

This is for dating the good old-fashioned way, face-to-face:

Dress to impress but be comfortable
Dressing well will give you the confidence to be bold and hold your own. But don’t wear clothes that you are not used to wearing just to impress, such as a halter-neck or high heeled shoes that you will be tottering about on high-heels.

Look great
As well as how you dress, make sure your hair is done and your make-up too. Men don’t like women who wear lots of make-up. If you do, that’s fine (after all, we’re not asking you to change yourself in order to meet a certain ideal).  Rather, we say, don’t feel as though you need to wear too much make-up if you normally don’t.
You do, however, need to look as though you have made an effort and grooming, of which doing your hair and make-up, is a part, is important.

Don’t talk about yourself the whole time
Don’t talk the whole time about yourself and do not spend time discussing your past lovers, your love life and why you broke up with your last boyfriend. This is a no-no for men

Don’t talk about commitment, weddings or babies
This is just a date!
Try to keep it light and funny.  Don’t get too deep or too heavy talking about the 1-carat Tiffany diamond ring you have your heart set on, or where you want to get married or how many children you plan on having. Talking like this can make your date want to run a mile.

Don’t come across as too desperate
Don’t arrive earlier than your date – keeping him waiting is preferable to being the first one there.

Don’t ask for his phone number, pager, email or address.

Don’t ask him when you should meet again.

Doing all of the above makes you come across as rather needy and desperate.

So don’t do it.

Similarly, if he asks when you want to meet again, make it sound as though you have a busy social life and that you’re not free for a couple of weeks.
Keeping him waiting is good!

Watch for signs of insecurity or wanting to control
You might not be able to tell this at the first date, but if your date makes any comments or acts in a way that indicates he is insecure or wanting to control you….run a mile.
If he is behaving like this on the first date can you imagine what he’ll be like if you start dating him? Do you really want a relationship with someone who is controlling?

To gain a better understanding of what men make of dating and relationships, you might want to take a look at Christian Carter’s Catch Him And Keep Him ebook.

Online Dating Tips for Women

It seems many more people tend to meet their dates over the internet and this may be the first step in the dating process for many before they go on to date the good old fashioned way.

When it comes to dating via the internet, which may involve flirting with someone via email, or via chat or through some online dating website portal, or perhaps you are trying to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back and want to make him jealous by joining lots of dating chat forums so that he can see you are over him and looking for love, you still need to be aware of certain online dating tips for women.

You have to be very careful when it comes to dating online as you never know if the person at the other end is who they say they really are.

You might be looking at the image of a gorgeous smiling young guy – but the real person hiding behind that image might be a much older man, possibly married and you won’t even know if he is talking to other women on the internet as well.

So, at all times, be careful.
In any case, here are a few guidelines which might help you to be safer online:

Post your most glamorous photo in your profile
If you are looking to find partners via an online dating website, then your photo is the what all potential dates are going to see.
Make sure it is your best one!

Don’t give out your personal details
All emails and chat should be done via the website.
Don’t ever give out your real home address, cell phone number or email address.

Stay cool
Communicating online can be full of potholes – because sometimes, what we intend to say does not come across the way we intended. Differences in language, nuances, the way we use certain words and expressions can come across differently – so always bear this in mind when you are communicating.
Its best to stay cool, distant, almost aloof rather than jumping into a conversation and typing away.

Don’t lie about your appearance or age – too much
Don’t lie about your age or size (if you can avoid it)
Don’t lie too much about your age, size or characteristics.
One day, your online conversations might move to a place where both of you may want to meet up in person.
If you have lied about certain traits and the other person has been communicating to you thinking you looked a certain way, they are going to get a complete shock (and probably be very angry) when they see you face to face and discover that you look very different!

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