If you are a woman and looking to get back into the dating game, or dating after divorce perhaps, there are a few rules and relationship tips for women you need to be aware of in order to have fun as you play the dating game!

And remember, whether you an older woman dating younger men, or are speed dating for a night of fun, or taking dating seriously because you are looking for Mr Right, dating younger men or dating older men, there are rules that need to be adhered to:

Women Dating Tips

This is for dating the good old-fashioned way, face-to-face:

Dress to impress but be comfortable
Dressing well will give you the confidence to be bold and hold your own. But don’t wear clothes that you are not used to wearing just to impress, such as a halter-neck or high heeled shoes that you will be tottering about on high-heels.

Look great
As well as how you dress, make sure your hair is done and your make-up too. Men don’t like women who wear lots of make-up. If you do, that’s fine (after all, we’re not asking you to change yourself in order to meet a certain ideal).  Rather, we say, don’t feel as though you need to wear too much make-up if you normally don’t.
You do, however, need to look as though you have made an effort and grooming, of which doing your hair and make-up, is a part, is important.

Don’t talk about yourself the whole time
Don’t talk the whole time about yourself and do not spend time discussing your past lovers, your love life and why you broke up with your last boyfriend. This is a no-no for men

Don’t talk about commitment, weddings or babies
This is just a date!
Try to keep it light and funny.  Don’t get too deep or too heavy talking about the 1-carat Tiffany diamond ring you have your heart set on, or where you want to get married or how many children you plan on having. Talking like this can make your date want to run a mile.

Don’t come across as too desperate
Don’t arrive earlier than your date – keeping him waiting is preferable to being the first one there.

Don’t ask for his phone number, pager, email or address.

Don’t ask him when you should meet again.

Doing all of the above makes you come across as rather needy and desperate.

So don’t do it.

Similarly, if he asks when you want to meet again, make it sound as though you have a busy social life and that you’re not free for a couple of weeks.
Keeping him waiting is good!

Watch for signs of insecurity or wanting to control
You might not be able to tell this at the first date, but if your date makes any comments or acts in a way that indicates he is insecure or wanting to control you….run a mile.
If he is behaving like this on the first date can you imagine what he’ll be like if you start dating him? Do you really want a relationship with someone who is controlling?

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Online Dating Tips for Women

It seems many more people tend to meet their dates over the internet and this may be the first step in the dating process for many before they go on to date the good old fashioned way.

When it comes to dating via the internet, which may involve flirting with someone via email, or via chat or through some online dating website portal, or perhaps you are trying to figure out how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back and want to make him jealous by joining lots of dating chat forums so that he can see you are over him and looking for love, you still need to be aware of certain online dating tips for women.

You have to be very careful when it comes to dating online as you never know if the person at the other end is who they say they really are.

You might be looking at the image of a gorgeous smiling young guy – but the real person hiding behind that image might be a much older man, possibly married and you won’t even know if he is talking to other women on the internet as well.

So, at all times, be careful.
In any case, here are a few guidelines which might help you to be safer online:

Post your most glamorous photo in your profile
If you are looking to find partners via an online dating website, then your photo is the what all potential dates are going to see.
Make sure it is your best one!

Don’t give out your personal details
All emails and chat should be done via the website.
Don’t ever give out your real home address, cell phone number or email address.

Stay cool
Communicating online can be full of potholes – because sometimes, what we intend to say does not come across the way we intended. Differences in language, nuances, the way we use certain words and expressions can come across differently – so always bear this in mind when you are communicating.
Its best to stay cool, distant, almost aloof rather than jumping into a conversation and typing away.

Don’t lie about your appearance or age – too much
Don’t lie about your age or size (if you can avoid it)
Don’t lie too much about your age, size or characteristics.
One day, your online conversations might move to a place where both of you may want to meet up in person.
If you have lied about certain traits and the other person has been communicating to you thinking you looked a certain way, they are going to get a complete shock (and probably be very angry) when they see you face to face and discover that you look very different!

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