marriage advice for women

When getting married, you expect it to last forever. After all, you don’t go into a marriage thinking if it doesn’t work out this time you will try harder next time.

When it comes to giving love advice for women, this is simple to do because it involves a more one-sided approach. We can say don’t be too controlling, don’t be too possessive, don’t complain or moan too much and so forth.

Giving marriage advice for women requires thinking of the couple as a unit and advising from that view point.

By anyone’s viewpoint, a good marriage is one that includes a lot of fun, laughter, joy, happiness, deep communication, the ability to weather any storm, the ability to enjoy the good times and survive the tough times, caring, sharing and a lot of loving!

In a nutshell, that’s what a good marriage is – one where you can have the relationship you want with your life partner and grow old together.

A good marriage is one where the efforts of both husband and wife will produce a winning team that will enjoy all of the above.
If there was one crucial part to a good marriage – it would be TEAMWORK.

Being able to work as a team is the bedrock of a successful marriage.

The cracks in a marriage appear when the team no longer functions as one body and each goes and does their own thing.

And when women do not find comfort and support in their marrage, this is when you hear stories of married women having affairs. The team has disbanded and perhaps you feel unloved, not listened to, maybe you feel the housework or financial stress is not shared. You feel alone and no longer look to your husband for support, companionship or love.

Marriage Tips for Women

Some basic marriage advice for women (could also equally apply to men too):

Go to bed happy
Never fight and go to bed angry.
Whatever your argument was about, resolve to end it and make up before you go to sleep at night.

It is  little things such as these that go a long way to help save your relationship :
Too many couples stay angry and let this anger fester for days before coming out of it. Life is too short, don’t do it.

Don’t try to mould your husband
You must accept your husband for the man he is and if you don’t like him the way he is DON’T MARRY HIM!

Women are good at wanting to change things….it’s in our nature. We see an untidy book on a book shelf and we can’t help but straighten it.

If things go wrong with your marriage, don’t think of trying to change your husband  – the problem is most likely not his alone. Instead, look for how to fix your relationship and this can sometimes even mean taking a good look at yourself as well as understanding men in relationships.

Don’t go advertising your problems to all and sundry
The issues or problems you might currently be experiencing with your partner should be kept to you and your partner.
Never ever discuss private issues with your family, his family, friends or work colleagues. Most people will enjoy listening to the drama but no-one will offer you any concrete advice that can help. Try to work these things out on your own.

Remember what bought you two together
Most couples argue, and most couples in love argue most times – at times like this when you probably don’t want to see or hear your spouse’s voice or face, try to remember what it was that bought you two together in the first place.
Taking time out to focus on each other’s positive points might help bring you to a resolution sooner rather than later and is one way of how to get your man back.

You get out of marriage what you put in
You should both try to put in 100% (commitment, love, understanding and empathy).  Some days you might only feel like putting in 10% and then your husband will need to put in 90%. On days when he puts in 10%, make sure you put in 90%.

Make life goals regularly and review them
Marriage is a partnership that will hopefully bring in the next generation too. Make financial, relationship and family goals and review them regularly to see whether you met them or not.
Too many people go into marriage without any thought or planning. In fact, more people think more about buying a car than they do about their marriage goals.

Get marriage counseling before its too late
Invariably marriages go through peaks and troughs. The early days, before children and money pressures, are considered the good days. You’re stressed out, so you take a vacation.

Once children come along, and you have mortgage, you’re that much older and its that much harder. These middle years can be a very stressful time for many couples and most tend to fall out of love and divorce at around this time.

If you find yourself heading down this road, seek out marital counseling sooner rather than later, otherwise it might be too late to hold on to your marriage. The only road left after that is divorce and dating after divorce can bring its own set of problems too.

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