why women have affairs

Ever wondered why women have affairs?

There are a plethora of reasons and not always the same reasons as why men have affairs.

Why Do Women Have Affairs?

There is no one reason as to why women have affairs.
It could be purely out of boredom, or women are looking for something that their husband can no longer give them, often women want an emotional attachment. For them, having an affair is less about the sexual gratification but more about the emotional gratification they get.

It depends to a large extent on what has happened to the marriage right now. Often, men can work longer at work or be away from the home for long periods of time.

A woman with children will find herself becoming a full-time parent looking after the children and running a home.

Finding someone who is actually interested enough to offer some adult conversation and make you laugh and feel sexy, wanted and interesting again, can sometimes be reason enough for a women to start having an affair.

Affairs with married men, dating younger men or older men – there is no set pattern as all women want is someone who will give them attention and will make them feel special.

Being lonely is often one of the top reasons why women choose to look outside of their marriage for some fulfillment.

They want to feel loved again, and wanted.

If your husband is away for weeks on end and the only mode of communication is a ten minute phone conversation each evening centered around the children, its no wonder that a man who is giving your wife much more than this soon becomes her lover.

Often, sex is not the primary factor that motivates women into having an illicit affair.

You are far less likely to find a woman who is happily married also having an affair.  Women having affairs will do so because they are unhappy with their marriage.

Men are different. When it comes to understanding men, realize that a man can be happily married and yet still have an affair, the reason is because they are more motivated by the sexual novelty of the situation.

Women  seek out connections and emotional attachments are much more important to them. This is one factor as to why women might have affairs.

That said, it also depends on your character and personality. Many women often toy with the idea of an affair and many have male work colleagues and friends that they might even flirt with but it stops at that.  There is no way some of these women would take this a step further, even if they were unhappily married.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons as to why women have affairs and you can never pinpoint it down to one or two reasons.

Suffice to say, that after the affair, there are always consequences and if you have children, your affair and what happens thereafter will affect them too, not just the relationship between you and your husband.

When it comes to breakup advice for women who are thinking of ending their affair – if you can work on your marriage and resolve the problems therein, its better you do that and end your affair.

If you need guy advice for women wanting to put their marriage right again, but are not getting the cooperation from your husband, you can seek out marriage therapists who can help you to open up the communication lines again so that you hopefully will be able to find a way of getting your husband to work on marriage counseling together with you.

In any case, don’t settle for less than you deserve. If you want to feel loved, appreciated and adored by the man in your life, you should be. You should and can have the relationship you want although it might require a time and effort on both your parts.


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