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Whilst many men don’t think dating advice for a man is something that they need,  knowing a few useful and handy tips of impressing the other sex can only be an  advantage for you.

Most of these might seem obvious but sometimes we forget the easiest of things  which might make a difference to our date outcome. Sometimes, first date advice  for men can calm your nerves and give you that little bit more confidence (not that  you need it) so that you can enjoy the evening for sure.

So, without further ado, here are the top dating tips for men assuming that you already know how to ask a girl on a date:

Dating Tips Men

Look and smell good
Most men will make the effort to groom themselves well before a date.  Smell nice  too and don’t go overboard on the aftershave and as that is a huge no-no and  smacks of a desperate attempt to impress.
You do want to impress your date but you don’t want her to know that you have  tried very hard to do so.

Don’t show off
Don’t feel the need to show off about your career, how much you earn, the kind of  car you drive or where you live. (Besides, it’s not nice to boast in that way either).

Have good table manners
Women can be quite picky and will watch your table manners and the way you eat.  Talking with your mouth full of food is a turn-off for most women. Don’t attempt food  that is tricky to eat, especially on a first date, unless you are super confident.
Lobster is out and we’d suggest saving spaghetti bolognaise until later on too.

Women love attention – so give her some
One of the main things women love and often complain they don’t get is: attention  and a lot of this involves being actually listened to.
When your date is talking and telling you about herself, be attentive, listen to what  she is saying, ask her questions and be interested….asking her questions is a way  of signaling to her that you have heard what she has said and that you want to  know more.  Try it, you’ll see this really works.

Don’t talk about your past
Don’t talk too much about your past relationships or girlfriends.
This can get your date off to a bad start – keep it funny and light.

Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting is a whole other ball game and if you’re at your first date, well, you’ve  managed to get this far so you must have done something right!

OK, so you look good and smell great, but no dating man advice would be complete without mentioning:

Eye contact
Maintain good eye contact but don’t sit and stare at your date like some crazed stalker.
Looking deep into her eyes when she is telling you something that is important to her, is a way of being attentive and just really connecting at the moment too.

Your smile
Smiling will put you in a happier and more relaxed state – so do it.
Smile at your date and if she makes you laugh, then laugh!
An evening of laughter and fun will make for a much more relaxed and memorable  time than spending the whole time having long and deep discussions about life  values and the meaning of relationships.

For your first date keep the mood jovial and light. Keep it fun and we hope our dating advice for guys has been useful!

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