Unlike when boyfriends cheat, cheating girlfriends tend not to start sneaking off for candlelit dinners and secret meetings with other men.

No. With women, you’ll find subtle shifts going on in your relationship first.

It might start with her getting distant towards you. There’s less body contact. There is none of that intimacy, affection or playfulness in your relationship anymore.

If you go to kiss her or hug her, she might instinctively pull away.

Your conversations might dry up.

Where before she would tell you about her day at work, how she’s feeling and ask the same of you, now she doesn’t have much to say to you at all.

It’s almost as if she’s living in her head.

She’s there in body but she’s not saying much, she’s not displaying a lot of  touching and hugging, she doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

In fact, she doesn’t really seem to be paying much attention to you at all.

It seems to be the case that she is wrapped up in her own thing and she’s caught up in something. But you don’t know what.

Men can quite easily go out on secret dates with other women and then come home to women and act as if nothing has happened.

See, women who have cheating boyfriends won’t initially know that their man has cheated but over time, they start to pick up on things, such as him saying he was at once place when he said something else last week.  Women are good at remembering facts and figures and their memories can hold  onto the most trivial bits of information which they will use against a man later on.

A cheating girlfriend isn’t going to be as easy to catch because she’s probably not up to anything physical, at least not initially.

She might not have been out on any secret dates either.

However, there are some significant signs of a cheating girlfriend that you might want to look out for.

Girlfriend Cheating Signs And Evidence

Women tend to spend a lot of time, especially if they are in the act of thinking  about cheating, just talking to another guy and enjoying his company.

For women, being unfaithful will be caused more by the attention from the opposite sex and being wanted rather than the desire to have more sex.

So, when you feel that she is being distant with you and uncommunicative, not  wanting to display any physical affection towards you….it’s probably because she is reliving the conversation that she had with her other man at work.

Nothing has happened yet so you can’t really call it cheating. But, there is obviously enough of  a shift in  the relationship to warrant you noticing the change in her demeanor.

And it will be a definite change in her manner towards you.

The other thing you might notice is that although she seems to be withdrawing  from you, she is definitely happier. She has a smile on her face, a bounce in her step, she’s looking good too! Is she taking extra care over her hair and makeup? Is she taking more time to decide what she’s going to be wearing to work that day?

It could be that she’s just decided to become more positive in her outlook and wants to reflect that on the outside by her appearance……………..OR………..it could be because she’s has a new admirer.

He is the reason she has a smile on her face even though there might have  been nothing more than just casual conversations at work. Perhaps a lunch date or two, nothing more.

She might also be prone to mood swings. For some reason she’ll become really  angry with you or just break down and cry. Unless these are also signs of her  monthly period, her change in behavior might have you wondering if there is something else going on.

Why the crying and mood swings?  Because things with her new found love  might not be going well.  And the anger might come from her guilty feelings about you.

You don’t know.  But if she is acting out of character, this might be one further thing that you can tick off your check-list for signs that she  might be cheating or lying.

She might also stop wanting to have sex with you.  She might NOT be having sex with another man because sex is not the main reason why women stray.

In fact, a woman who is interested in another man is usually interested because he has filled a need in her life that  was missing: he listens to her, talks to her, makes her feel wanted. Although  these were things she used to get from you, for some reason she now feels  you no longer provide these for her. And she has now found someone else to get them from.

It’s simply not enough to just say that she’s being distant and therefore she must be seeing someone else.

You have to observe her behavior and if there are many things that are changing then this should lead you to consider the possibility that she might be interested in someone else OR there might be something else going on in her life that you need to know about.

How To Check What She’s Up To

The thing you will be mostly concerned about, as a man, is whether or not she  is

  • a) sleeping with another man
  • b) in love with another man
  • c) is thinking of  leaving you

Pretty much in that order.

If you’ve asked her outright, you should be able to gauge from her response  whether she is being overly talkative or defensive in her reply.

In which case you can then dig a little deeper.

Ask her where she was at such and such a time (at a time when she wasn’t with you), ask her how come she’s working late so often or is away on  conferences so much lately.

The other thing you can do is sneak up on her when she is texting and see if  she tries to hide the screen from you.

Does she answer the phone and then tell you it was a friend of hers when you  know she would not usually talk to her friend in that way?

Does she answer the phone and go into another room?

Ideally, if you can get a hold of her phone, then check for phone text  messages as well as incoming and outgoing calls, you might be able to get more information.

If you really want hard evidence, you can install cell phone spyware on her mobile phone without her knowledge. This monitors and provides you with  details of phone calls she has made and received as well as the text messages in their entirety so that you can read the full text.

Accessing her computer and checking her email and social media accounts  such as Facebook and other instant messaging systems she might use is  another way of snooping on your girlfriend.

And going through her handbag for receipts and tickets to events and  restaurants that she might have gone to without you will help you to get a  better profile of what she has been up to.

Remember, she might not have been up to anything at all.

The information you are collecting should merely serve, in the first instance, as a way of seeing whether she is lying to you about where she has been.

The spy phone information will provide you with more personal data which  should help you get the hard evidence that you need in order to confirm  whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not.

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