Advice for women

Relationship advice for women is hard to come by.
Of course, there is plenty written on how to deal with infidelity, how to cope with your husband leaves you for a younger woman, what to do if you no longer feel loved and so forth.

All of this assumes you are already in a relationship and are having problems and need to fix it.

Sometimes though, as a woman who is fed up of her existing relationship, you want to come out and be single for a while!

Nothing wrong with that at all!

In fact, if you have been stuck in a bit of a rut with a long-term relationship and you have decided you want out, then having some time to yourself, maybe getting back with your girlfriends and going out again is the thing for you.

You might not want to know how to get over a guy or how to make him want you.  Maybe you just want OUT of your present relationship!

Maybe you want to try a bit on online dating and try something new.  No harm in that. In fact, we can offer some down to earth, honest and practical dating advice for women here on this site.

You’ll get dating tips for women to do with what to wear, what to talk about, what not to talk about, advice on dating older men or younger men.

In short, there are dating tips for the woman who wants to have fun but no commitment as well as for the woman who is looking for something a bit more long-term and wants a serious relationship.

The topic of relationships spans many different sub-issues, from falling in love, splitting up, getting back together again, maybe even marriage, divorce, affairs and heart break can also factor into the equation.

We hope we can offer you some help, whatever your relationship angle.

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