still in love with your ex boyfriend?You might be reading this because you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back.  Perhaps you split up recently and the pain is still there, maybe you are trying to get over a broken heart.

Or perhaps you think that if you could get your relationship back then everything will be fine again.

Or maybe you split up a long time ago but you saw your ex or heard his name mentioned and remembered the good times you had and now you are looking for ways to convince your ex to get back with you.

Before you look for ways on how to win someone back you  should seek out the underlying reasons as to why you both  broke up in the first place.

Men and women have relationships not always for the same reasons. They also leave relationships for different  reasons too.

“I want my own space!”
“You suffocate me”
“I need time out”
“This is moving too fast”
“I want to find myself”
“There’s too much pressure on us right now”
“I don’t want to get married”
“I want to be free and single for a while”

Sound familiar?

Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships

It really depends on the type of relationship, the stage  you are both at and the ages but roughly speaking, men tend  to want out of a relationship when it no longer provides  them with what they want.

Now, if the man in question is a forty-something, with  children and a mortgage and so forth, checking out of this  relationship is going to uproot lots of lives and some men  can’t face this kind of upheaval and don’t want to wreak  havoc on their family either.
This is when they turn to illicit extra-marital affairs.

Compare it to this scenario where you have a younger man,  say in his mid-twenties who has no ties, no marriage and no  children involved. It is easier to leave this type of  relationship when the “damage” will be considerably lesser  than the first situation described above.

Between the two different ends of the spectrum that we have  above, you can find a reason as to why men will leave a  relationship from any of the following:

  • a relationship has gone stale
  • they get bored
  • they get tired of being nagged

What they are looking for is:

  • the excitement of meeting someone new
  • the love, respect and interest they get from a new lover
  • finding someone who admires them

Let’s fact it, the things they go looking for are the very  things you both had when you first started dating, right?

What’s happened is that as time goes on, you both get  comfortable with one another, you no longer tell the man  you love that you is amazing, funny, wonderful. Perhaps you  no longer dress up for him or take as much time with your  hair and makeup?

You both no longer laugh at each other’s jokes or find each other funny or interesting.

Perhaps you have started to complain and nag him.

These are the very things that make a man want to leave the relationship and find someone new.

The important thing to remember here is that your ex did  not leave because he wanted to find someone younger,  prettier or thinner than you.

It’s more likely that he left because he wanted to feel  admired, wanted and appreciated again.

Many of you might wonder how to get your boyfriend to love you, if the split was just recent, or how to gain trust back in a relationship if it was a trust issue that caused  the split in the first place but before you can answer any  of those questions, you have to work out the real reasons  why your ex left.

Only then can you start to think about whether you have any  chance of getting back together again.

If he is with someone else now, you have to ask yourself whether you want to get your ex back if hes seeing someone  else.

And what if you want to know how to get your girlfriend back?

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