getting your girlfriend backIf you’ve been wondering to yourself “How do I get my girlfriend back?” but don’t know where to begin or what to do, you might just end up doing the thinking and not getting into any action at all.

Do you know what things to say to your girlfriend to get her back? What if you have a boyfriend? Do you know how to get your ex boyfriend back?

You might even be wondering “Should I get back together with my ex?”.

Love is a crazy emotion, it brings out the best in us when the  going is good but when things don’t go as we planned, it can be  horrible.

After a breakup, the world is full of uncertainty and doubt.

Depending on who initiated the break, it no longer matters if it  was you or your girlfriend, if you are still thinking about her you  will be wanting to know how to win back your ex girlfriend.

Getting Your Girlfriend Back: What NOT To Do

Love can make us irrational and when breakups happen, this  irrationality can spiral out of control.

Whilst you might be pining for your ex girlfriend and want to see  her and be with her – remember that she may NOT want this and she  possibly might not even feel that way about you.

So, before you can go charging back into her life declaring your  love for her and getting your ex girlfriend back, the following i a  list of things NOT to do:

  • do not call her
  • do not email her
  • do not text her

In short, do NOT get back in touch. You need to give yourself a  period where you can both have your own space.  You need a cooling  off period.

If you are desperate to get your ex back you might find yourself  looking for tricks to get your girlfriend back and you might end  up:

  • saying things that are not true
  • coming across like a weak and desperate man
  • pleading and begging (which is going to put her right off)

At the very worst, if she is not interested and trying to get you  to go away, you might end up stalking her, saying nasty things to  her, taunting her by turning to old arguments or seeking revenge.

This isn’t the way you want things to go, if you are trying to find  how to get an ex back that dumped you.

If you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend to want you back you are going to need a plan.

Give yourself a few weeks to a month to cool off and not get in  touch with her. After all, if she is still in love with you, she  will be missing you already and wondering why you are not getting  in touch with her.

So, give it some time, clear your head and let yourself become calm again. Try to look at the relationship objectively and see if you  can fathom what went wrong.

You need to figure out what was the cause of you splitting up in the first place.

Were you to blame?
Was it more her fault?
Were you both at fault?

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